Publication and Travel Services Expressly for Northwest Travelers.
Our History First Publication September 1998
Headquarters Calgary, AB Canada
Sales Office Vancouver, BC Canada
Publications Handbooks/Guides - Annually
Newsletters- Quarterly
eNewletters - Bi-Weekly
Distribution Worldwide
Mail Order
Next Publication Spring 2009
Demographics Leisure Travelers Ages 32-64
Number of Titles
Geographical Area Covered Alaska, British Columbia, the Rockies, the Pacific Northwest, California, the Baja and Hawaii
Our Titles Since
The Better Bed and Breakfast Guide
The Northwest Bed and Breakfast Guide
The Northwest Travel Guide
LodgingsBest Travel Guide for the Northwest
Northwest Travelers Directory
West Coast Sojourns
Northwest Vineyards, Vintners & Innkeepers
Northwest Sojourns
2009 Publications Sojourn Express Newsletter/eNewsletter - Bi Weekly

Sojourn Lifestyles - Quarterly

Lodging & Leisure Handbooks
Domain Names Rule! Lodgings & Leisure URL Directory – Copy March 1, Publish May 1
West Coast & Canadian Rockies – Copy April 1, Publish May 5
Northwest Vineyards, Vintners & Innkeepers – Copy April 1, Publish May 10
Pacific Coast edition – Copy April 15, Publish May 15

Recommended Destination - Inserts
Is a Hospitality Merchants/Club Sojourn designation subject to qualification. An application, and acceptance are required. Our publications have designated sections for Recommended Destinations.

Holiday Approved
Vacation Approved
Vintner Tours
Our Travel Events and Savings section of the Sojourn Express Newsletters & eNewsletters. An application, fee and acceptance are required.

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